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JavaScript Developers

JavaScript developers with many years’ experience building Vanilla JS projects, custom frameworks and utilizing the industry’s leading frameworks such as React, Angular, Backbone and more.

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"On site or remote our developers are well versed in Agile development approaches, Unit Testing and Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration."

Why our JavaScript Developers?

Simply put we offer quality, reliability and experience at market rates. We can work closely with your team and can provide our services to work remotely or onsite.

Visit our repository if you would like to preview some Code Samples.

What is Code Quality?

It is all very well promising code quality, but what exactly does that mean? What defines Quality? The below points are highlights of the aspects of our code which we feel supports our promise of proving robust modular code easily understood by other developers.

  • Consistency – Our code is consistent in its nomenclature, indentations and presentation, we will ensure that our code encompasses any standards adopted by your current code base.
  • Comments – We understand our role is to fill a gap for a short period after which internal permanent developer of your business would continue with maintenance and updates. Thus we heavily comment our code ensuring it can be understood by developers working with it.
  • Unit Tests – We test our functionality and can work with traditional functional testing or to a Test Driven Development approach. We can utilize common test frameworks such as QUnit, Jasmine, Karma and Mocha.
  • Performance Testing – Given our JavaScript will always reside within web applications we use performance and website speed testing tools to ensure websites are optimised for a swift delivery to client browsers.

Read more about our development practices or read our blog article Understanding Web Development.

Vanilla JS, What Is It?

This is a term to represent the creation of an application with the utilization of Native JavaScript and without using 3rd Party libraries, it is sort of an in joke with the community and has become quite a popular term. There is even a web site available although it can be confusing to new developers as it appears as if it is promoting a JavaScript framework but in reality it is simply referencing native JavaScript functionality.

In essence all AVD developers are Vanilla developers, capable of working with native JavaScript to advanced levels and helping us pioneer our AIM application development framework.

React JS and Other Frameworks

If needed we have advanced understanding and knowledge of the Facebook React JS framework for component development for the web. We also pertain a clear understanding of the Flux principles and how to utilize the Redux framework for Single Page Applications.

Along with many other framework such the original pioneers of JavaScript frameworks like Prototype.js we can utilize other popular development frameworks and libraries such as jQuery, jQuery UI, Angular and Backbone and are capable of adapting and working with any framework or library built with JavaScript.

NodeJS Development

We have the proficiency to develop applications for the web using the NodeJS server, the pioneering JavaScript utility that allows web application to be created using the browser technology that has existed for two decades. We can work with expressjs or another preferred development framework, our understanding of NodeJS and its development practices has allowed us to port the AIM JavaScript client framework to NodeJS.

Other Web Technologies

Our JavaScript developers are also advanced in other web development technologies such as HTML 4 and HTML 5, CSS 2 and CSS 3 along with pre-processors such as SASS, Babel, supporting a full range of practices.

Several are also Full Stack Developers, versed in server side technologies such as PHP and Ruby, SQL Databases and the LAMP stack.

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Book one of our developers for a day if you would like to test our expertise, we will provide a first day discount of 40% to ensure you get to taste what we can offer. We have never had a complaint about the quality of code which we deliver and we are looking to ensure that we never do.

Call us on +44 333 9398870 or visit our quote page here to book your developer today.

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