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We are always running special promotions for our web development services and our application development services. Helping your business grow with an affordable web presence or developing your application at outstanding prices.

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New Year Special Offer: 20% discount on any AVD Service, valid until 1st February 2020. Request your quote today and reference code HAPPYNY20.

Why Choose AVD?

There are several reasons why you should choose AVD as your internet partner, our commitment to deadlines, quality and performance are hard to match and our development costs offer affordability to the smallest of companies.

  • Quality - Our products, websites and applications are carefully crafted using our bespoke technology
  • Experience - We have been building applications and web sites for 20 years, our knowledge and precision continues to grow and expand
  • Speed - We are rapid developers, with our bespoke frameworks we can build with ease and efficiency
  • Dedication - We are dedicated to all of our projects no matter how large or small, the service we provide will always be welcoming and consistent
  • Affordability - We want to help businesses grow and by offering affordable costs we hope to achieve this

If you would like to discuss your project with one of our consultants then call us on +44 333 9398870 or visit our quote page here.

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